Securing Your Home Inspired by the Gun Tower

When thinking of home security in today’s world you might think I’m crazy to invoke the majestic, yet ancient, stature of the Gun Tower.

Bear with me as there is much we can learn from the home security experts of the past.

Generations ago the idea of protecting your property was as important as it is today. And while technology looks a bit different now than it did back then, the same concerns were largely in place hundreds of years ago.

One of the first things we have to consider is the perimeter of your property and how to best protect it. In days gone by, building your home (or stronghold) on the banks of a river or ocean was a great start at protecting your perimeter. If that wasn’t possible often times a moat could be made to mimic the protective qualities of the ocean and river.

Today while you could still build a moat, a much more cost effective measure is to install cameras and sensors around your property that can alert you to the presence of an unwanted intruder. I particularly like using a high quality 4k security camera system as they provide amazing quality images and video. You can also opt for a CCTV, solar powered camera, or even trail cameras to provide you with perimeter protecting surveillance cameras.

From there you can also add a driveway alarm to every vehicle accessible entrance to your property. This will send an alert to your home or device so you will not be caught off guard by unexpected guests.

How did our ancestors protect their home itself? Well they put sentries at the walls and heavy iron gates on the entrances. And today we can do much the same. From doorbell cameras to hidden door cameras we can spot anyone who approaches our doors. We can install door and window alarms that will alert us if someone attempts to enter any of these points of access. The market also has some incredibly powerful locks and even smart locks to help ensure our home’s are locked down from unwanted entry. Look at this! We have our very own tech sentries!

With a little forethough we can protect our homes with the same intensity as the Gun Tower Watch themselves. And who could ask for more?

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